Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Okay I get it her real name's not Shoshanna but she plays her so well. Yes, I'm talkin' 'bout Girls, my new obsession. Watched an episode on the plane after 21 Jump Street and didn't find it as funny (come on though, seriously, what could be funnier than 21 Jump Street...?) so forgot about it until my dear friend Jerry send me a crazed text saying she's watched the whole season in one go and was like omgz totes obsessed (lol).

SO ANYWAY. I watched it, got hooked, and liked and disliked most characters in equal proportions at various points throughout the show. Then on my internet stalk of the cast (Hi Lena Dunham, I love you) I stumbled across this pic and what hey? It turns out Zosia Mamet isn't actually a neurotic, wide-eyed New Yorker keen to shake off her virginity -  she's a regulation smokin' hot babe, as seen here in this shoot for Bullett mag! Love. Her.

Pic from Bullett magazine

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