Monday, 23 July 2012


Meant to write about this ever since I got back from Texas but you know, I got busy (watching Girls and pretending to tidy my room.) Saw this at an Austin Cinema East night one Sunday on an outdoor screen at a running track. We were there because a friend of a friend had done the make-up for the film, and knew absolutely nothing about the film besides that, but game for anything, we handed our two bucks over, rolled out our blanket and cracked open some rum.

Half-expecting to have to endure the worst film of our lives (besides Beastly. And What Women Want) we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves laughing hysterically for the entire film. (Expect for the awkward and drunken actor/director Q&A at the which my friend refused to go to the loo in case the [latest] love of her life and star of the film Keith Poulson showed up.) (He didn't.)

It's surreal and funny yet also moving - three things which maketh a film in my eyes. This trailer doesn't do it any sort of justice but I'll put it on anyway.

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