Saturday, 6 April 2013


"And despite everything I'm still human."

Have wanted to blog this since Zane Lowe played it a month ago as his fave track off Daughter's album but it was nowhere to be found on the world wide web. Until now as they've announced they're releasing it as a single - hooooooooo-rah!

I first heard this song when I was cooking my dinner, listening to Zane Lowe, as I so often do. (He provides the best soundtrack to throwing vegetables in a pan, I tell ya.) I remember this song got me dancing around the kitchen doing some sort of faux ballet, and when I finished my housemate commented that if I was a singer this would be the sort of music I'd write. I wish I had the talent to do so.

Their album is all sorts of beautiful. Touch and Amsterdam are two other standout tracks. Well worth your pennies.

Human and the album If You Leave are out now.

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