Tuesday, 9 April 2013


When my BFF Jerry aka PR gal for Lazy Oaf told me that a photo of a sandwich I had made was featuring in the new SS13 Lazy Oaf magazine I thought she was joking. Until she thrust a copy under my nose and showed me the proof. And there it was, my gherkin sandwich, in all its pickled glory. 

Not only was it in there, but it had its own page! My little heart swelled with pride.

To this day, I still don't understand why Jerry found my lunch creation so fascinating. We were holidaying at her friend's house in Austin, Texas and making sandwiches to take down the lake one sweltering day. I decided to have pickles, spinach and houmous as my fillings and Jerry took a photo as she found the amount of pickles on my bread hi-larious. I just found them de-licious. Then 9 months later, I find them in a magazine! FOOD FAME!

Pick up your very own copy (there's more to see than my amazing sandwich, like their beautifully shot new collection, cowabungaaaaaa) from Lazy Oaf

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