Monday, 1 April 2013


Know a couple getting married who love dogs? I do. (Guffaw.) So when I got a press release offering a  book that was '142 pages of dogs and their owners sharing the Big Day' I replied instantly demanding (asking politely for) a copy. Do you know what, I'm lying, I actually didn't read that bit - it was the 'Holy Muttrimony' pun in the title that got me. I'm a sucker for a pun.
I'm also a sucker for a dog - they're better than people aren't they? You know what you're getting. They don't turn up late ('cos they're always glued to your side), they don't say one thing and do another and they don't shit on your carpet. Oh wait, they do. And they make you pick up their poop with only a thin plastic bag as protection ON A DAILY BASIS. But aside from that, they're still bloody great. 

Each couple and their hound get a double page each, with a lovely (sometimes slightly sickening, but I'm all about that) photo on one side and a brief story of their day on the other. Expect dogs in tuxedos, dogs with floral head accessories and a few dogs looking wistfully out of windows. It's enough to make you grab a dog and go meet a husband down the park, 101 Dalmations style. 

p.s. the bride and groom I threw the book at loved it. Their dog will probably tear it to shreds.

Wedding Dogs by Kate Preston Topefer and Sam Stall 
Available in hardback through Quirk Books from 16th April 2013.
RRP £13.99

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