Saturday, 20 October 2012


After hearing that Kettle Chips were bringing back some 'old classics' (old classics that I'd never even heard of) like Port and Stilton I knew I had to try them. But before I came across the Kettle ones, the M&S ones found their way into my paws on one of my many lunchtime trips there (mostly for the yellow reduced stickers and the samples at the bakery.) I had a brief 'to dip or not to dip' conundrum but thought a creamy dip might be a bit much with the Stilton flavour so decided against the purchase of a yellow stickered Cheese and Chive accompaniment.

Ohhhhhh, how I was wrong. These crisps barely tasted of anything, let alone Stilton. Every now and then I'd get a slight hint of Stilton-ness and then...nothing. Such a fail. Both on my part for not buying dip (it was reduced for crying out loud!) and on M&S' for their flavour faux pas. They had the usual M&S crunch but that was about it. Massive waste of £1.49. Could've bought one bus journey and 19 Black Jacks with that.

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