Saturday, 6 October 2012


I went for a run along the canal this morning and pretty much had the towpath to myself bar one fellow runner (we exchanged cheery 'HI!'s and telepathic high five's and it was really quite nice) and a few fisherman. Birmingham band Peace's Bloodshake came on and I had a near euphoric experience, slipping around in the mud with the sun on my face and sweat dripping off me thinking, 'THIS IS LIVING Y'ALL!'. I was soon brought back to earth when my playlist spewed out Conor Maynard's Turn Around which reminded me I actually needed to turn back and run home rather than find myself at the opposite end of the Grand Union canal with an angry brother on the phone asking why I'd not turned up to babysit his dogs.

But anyways, with its Foals-esque intro, and opening line of  'From the belly of the jungle', this song had me hooked from the off. People have been quick to point out on YouTube that they'd 'been fanz of dis song back in 2010 when it woz called Bblood' but I'm gonna put my hands up and say the first I heard of the band was when I got a press release about their previous single Follow Baby earlier this year. Sue me.

The newly released video's psychedelic offering is not quite what I was after - in my head I had more of a dreamy, slow-mo, nature vibe (basically my run with lots of post-production) - but that's not to say it's not a good visual accompaniment. I mean, you don't often get to witness a watermelon being sliced in half with a sword in mid-air, do you?

I foresee this being on my stereo and me with drink in hand, hair all over the show, wailing 'you vibe so hard' as I stumble dramatically around my bedroom for many many many moons to come.

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