Thursday, 11 October 2012


Those who know me know I'm something of a crisp fiend. Any form of corn/maize/potato-based snack and I'll eat it. Even if it's stale/has been on the floor/tastes like feet. That's just how I roll. However I know my vice isn't so virtuous - I mean, it's not like I smoke crack every day but it's still not good for me, is it now? So when I come across crisps that aren't so artery-clogging, I let out little whoops of delight and do celebratory dances in the aisles of Sainsburys. 

When I first discovered the wonder of Popchips I died a little inside, and when a man in a Popchips tee shirt appeared at my work and hand delivered me a basket of the things? Well. It was like I'd won the lottery. So imagine my glee at spying a new kind of snack in town, suspiciously similar to Popchips and made by a BREAKFAST CEREAL brand. I was confused. I was hungry. And I was drawn in by the half price offer. So I popped a box of Special K Cracker Crisps (such a confusing name) in my basket and ripped the box open as soon as I left the store. (I hadn't had lunch, okay?)

The sour cream and onion taste was kind Definitely needs a tweak. If Popchips can get their flavours right at the same time as being 'healthy', so can you Cracker Crisps, so can you. Especially as I preferred the texture of these, and that they were thinner than Popchips and more like actual crisps. 

So healthy crisps aren't so healthy when you eat the whole box in one sitting (400 odd calories, fact fans) but for people with more willpower than me, get them for your desk. I'll be trying the Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar next. Though not for the regular £1.99 price tag - bit steep if you ask me.

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