Monday, 5 August 2013


MGMT are b-b-back! I normally listen to new songs without watching the video first but I couldn't take my eyes off this. So I watched it again. And again. Safe to say I was mesmerised. Probably because I'm exhausted and the sight of a singing dolphin and euphoric embryo in the space of a 2:06 video was utterly magical. I think I'd like to watch this in a dark room on a late night. Over. And over. Until I get sectioned.

Without the video this song is a little over-too-quick blah although to be fair to them, it's just a wee taster. Though I fear they may never get back the sparkle of their heady Time To Pretend/Kids days (the Soulwax remix of Kids makes me high just thinking about it) but hey, at least they're doing better than the Klaxons. (Except for that one that married Keira Knightley. He landed on his nu-rave feet.)

MGMT's self-titled third album is out 17th September.

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