Saturday, 3 August 2013


Now I'm not usually one for dwelling too long on the remixes on Soundcloud as some of them can be a bit...questionable. But since coming back to the real world with a huge wet slap following a truly magical time at Secret Garden Party, I've been clawing onto the memories of London Grammar's Sunday night set by rinsing their Soundcloud. And I came across this recently uploaded gem of a remix of their latest single Strong. I'm not a big dupstep girl (despite playing a lot of dubstep remixes to please the drunk Essex crowd at my old Whoreditch clubnight) but this is a nice way of making London Grammar playable during a DJ set without the crowd getting confused and crumbling into leaky-eyed drunken messes. I LIKE.

p.s. I definitely fell in love with singer Hannah at SGP. As did the whole audience. She's definitely that girl that girls want to be and guys want to be with. I was so happy that they played at night as her voice in darkness surrounded by the creaky branches of the Where The Wild Things Are stage all swirled into something really, really special.

Strong is out 1st September.
Debut album If You Wait is out 9th September. *insert hilarious joke about not being able to wait here*

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