Thursday, 22 August 2013


Recently discovered Twenty One Pilots (aka Columbus duo Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun), then became obsessed with their song Guns For Hands (I'm talking Nike+ power song obsessed) and soon worried that I was overplaying the song. Then lo, the clouds parted and down came a remix sent from on high. Or er, Dzeko and Torres. Whoever they are.

Had to give it a few listens as my brain initially couldn't handle the song being turned into some sort of dancefloor classic. Which obviously on paper sounds TERRIBLE, but weirdly works in real-life. The lyrics are clearer despite the thumping 'chew your face off' beats and I've gotta say, I'm pretty sure the increased tempo helped me hang my wet washing faster. Always a bonus. (I used Persil if you were wondering...Oh you weren't?)

Hoping to catch Twenty One Pilots at Reading at the weekend, plus they're playing their record label's summer party next week so that's two shows in the space of five days. JESUS, I'M KEEN.

Their album Vessel hits the UK on 2nd September.

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