Sunday, 18 August 2013


My hometown has just acquired a Waitrose (we're getting a Topshop and Wagamama soon too - oh modern life!) and on my weekend visit back to the motherland, I insisted we take a family trip to the new food mecca. On entering, Mum optimistically grabbed a large trolley, which only ended up transporting three quiches, a bottle of fabric conditioner, a box of cherries of these bad boys.

Ever had to make the tough decision between buying coconut water or an iced coffee? No, me either, but just in case that ever happens, here's your answer. A fusion of coconut water, espresso and milk. And cocoa if, like me, you're not yet grown-up enough to enjoy the putrid taste of coffee sans some form of sweetener. 

According to my most knowledgeable friend Google (he usurped Encarta many moons ago) Coco Cafe was started up on the beaches of Santa Monica, CA in 2011 by BFFS Brian McCaslin and Elan Eifer. Then Vita Coco (aka what I can be found buying hungover whilst wearing sunglasses and a haggard complexion) invested in 2012 and shazam - the rest is history. Sweet, hydrating, caffeinated history.

Nutrition fans can check the below. All everyone else needs to know is that this is my new favourite ready-to-drink. In fact, I never had a favourite ready-to-drink coffee product before as I think they all taste of vile UHT-ness. Starbucks coffee is pretty offensive in the first place, let alone when it's in a tiny glass bottle parading around next to limp supermarket sandwiches. 

The cynics among us may question the hydrating properties of a drink containing coffee but pipe down and let us unhealthy-healthies have our caffeinated fun, yeah? I don't have many vices but I now have a mild coffee dependency (thanks long commute, you little turd) so this could be the (potentially expensive) answer to my prayers. Now will someone make a crisp that's mega healthy yet tastes exactly like a Kettle Chip?

RRP £1.99. Available from Waitrose, Amazon, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and independents.

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