Friday, 25 March 2011


Yeah, it's a word. So whilst I'll sit rigid in the hairdresser's chair making sure he doesn't cut off any more than 1mm, I actually do enjoy change. After growing out my half head highlights a couple of years ago and then bleaching them naturally with the Australian/South-East Asian/Fijian (show-off) sun, I ended up with what lots of girls are paying hideous amounts for now - a dip dye. An accidental dip dye. Not wanting to look like I'd gone to the hairdresser and asked for a trendy 'do, I foolishly dyed my hair to its natural dark hue. And ended up with a flat colour. Boooooooooooo.

Then after spending weeks dreaming of having blonde hair so I could have this, it finally dawned on me yesterday that lilac ends may be the answer to my prayers. Then I saw this today from the Bleach lookbook and thought it might just be a sign.

Minus the manky blonde middle section and lilac instead of purple. Yes. But I know I'd get bored of it after a week or two and working clothes around it would be a pain, which is why I'd only get it done if it was free. As I'd then need to fork out to sort it out.

Whilst you're mulling over whether to gift me a dye job, why not take a look at my other hair crushes?

via They All Hate Us

via Lookbook

via Little Plastic Horses

I'm off to eat a crumpet and start on the rum. (Spiced, natch.)

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