Saturday, 12 March 2011


So last week myself and Jerry skipped down to the Natural History Museum to catch the last Saturday of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. We had one free pass between us (love Jerry's job) and intended to buy another ticket when we got there. Too bad the exhibition was completely sold out. Too GOOD that a guy from uni who I've not seen since the days of studying (I make that almost 4 years...) was on the desk. So we strode in on one pass! What luck. Thanks Charlie!

I love animals and I love photography so this exhibition was a dream come true for me. Here are my faves:

Paris Life
Laurent Geslin
Urban Wildlife - Highly Commended
Street Walker
Chris O'Reilly
Urban Wildlife - Highly Commended

The Drop
Andrew Parkinson
Animals in Their Environment - Highly Commended

A Frozen Moment
Fergus Gill
15-17 years - Winner

Sitting Out the Storm
Russel T.Laman
10 years and under - Highly Commended

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