Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Now I love bread. And I love it even more when it's been crisped to perfection in a toaster. With a generous smearing of Lurpak (Lighter) and just the right amount of Marmite. That, my dear, is Heaven to me.

So when I saw these on Blog&BuySale I nearly choked on my freezing cold tea (I live in an ice cave apparently.)

The website you can buy them off says, 'Their thickness is similar to that of a standard slice of bread and is more than ample for absorbing the sweatiest of drinks.' On closer inspection, I must agree that they do look the same thickness as a (bog) standard slice of bread i.e. Tesco own brand wholemeal medium cut loaf.

Now I'm not one for coasters (tea rings are so chic) and I love watching my Mum's face contort into an expression of pure horror when I go to put a hot drink down on her bare coffee table, but I'd be happy to have these in my home. Especially as they come packaged in a bread bag. It's the little things.

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