Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Aw heel yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, it's that time again! The season where women everywhere suddenly turn into magpies and only want to wear stuff that's covered in a) sequins b) glitter or c) ALL OF THE ABOVE GOD DAMMIT. I personally had purchased a rather delightful black and gold sparkly over-sized midi dress from Monki and was going to save it for the ole work Christmas do, but seeing as I can't go anymore, I might just wear it as a nightshirt. And maybe pour wine and food over it as that's what would have happened at the work party.

Anyways, Theme Park have made a lovely Christmas party mixtape (except...it's not really a tape is it? But I guess 'Christmas party mix that you can stream on Soundcloud' doesn't have the same ring to it) which will ease your guests in gently with some Solange while you pass round the canap├ęs. You know, the out of date mini mince pies you found hidden in your stingy flatmate's cupboard and the Tesco Value cheese puffs you poured into a plastic bowl. Once your guests have warmed up, they'll be invited to get loose to such disco classics as Funkytown (here's where it goes a bit office party DEEEEEEJAAAAAAY), then it slows down again so those lucky enough to have lured a hotty onto a free sofa (winning at life) can legitimately make a move. Then the d-i-s-c-o comes in again. Mixtapes, like life are like rollercoasters and you just gotta ride it.

Not the tunes I'd have included but then I've always been a selfish DJ; as long as I'm having a good time I couldn't care less about everyone else (book me?). Plus, I personally would have mixed in a bit of Beauty and the Beat in the middle to piss off the faux DJs who were claiming this as their own work. But that's just me. 

I'd totally play this at my mulled wine soiree though:

The boyz are playing Electrowerkz in London this Thurs (6th) but it's sold out. Chin up though, they're playing Heaven on March 14th. Get your tix quix.

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