Monday, 3 December 2012


Dunno who the hell this Maria character is or why her gold/rhodium plated earrings cost so much (£69 is steep for someone like me who loses a lot of jewellery) but I had a giftcard for to use and they suddenly had a 20% off day so I was jolly well going to get rid of the credit before I accidentally threw it away. (My mum once mistakenly binned all her wedding rings after wrapping them in tissue 'for safekeeping' so it's in my genes.)

I'd had my eye on these for a while (I'm lying, I wanted the all gold ones but by the time the slow coaches at My-Wardrobe customer service sorted out my gift card issue they'd gone out of stock, THANKS GUYS) and thought I'd treat my lobes to them as they don't see much action these days. I'm more of a 'stack the bracelets and rings up then throw on a necklace' kinda girl. But sometimes, when the day's right i.e. I haven't washed my hair and it's in a topknot, then the time for an earring presents itself.

I had a fairly close-up shot of the earrings in my ear but looking at it made me retch so I can't imagine how you'd feel. Ears are gross. So I swapped that for this. I'm not one for posing for selfies, that's also gross. MY GOD, EVERYTHING IS GROSS.

Check out more of MariaFrancescaPepe here. (She does a ton of stuff that the 'I've just moved to London and Mum can't see me now' gays in Dalston Superstore would die for. Safety pin cross earring anyone?)

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