Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Now I've never rated Anne Hathaway before (Devil Wears Prada was the nail in the coffin, it was a struggle to finish that film, let me tell you) but I saw these pics from this month's US Glamour and instantly became her biggest fan. You heard, HER BIGGEST FAN. Her happy little face with her new funky little Les Mis hairdo and smokin' hot bod look kerchiiiiiing!


Though if anyone can explain why she has headphones that are clearly connected to nothing but her knickers, I'd appreciate it. Is it some metaphor for 'listening to your body'? (This is why I got top 5 in the country for A Level Communication Studies, for coming up with bullshit like that. The examiners drank. It. In.)

Catch Anne in the film adaptation of Les Miserables, in fact, as I write this she's at the world premiere. Cheer up Anne.

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