Wednesday, 5 December 2012

M83 - WAIT

This track on Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is weird because much of the album makes me feel so euphoric, like I might burst before I'm able to go out and do all the 101 amazing things it makes me feel I can do, but this one makes me sit down on the end of my bed and feel desperately, desperately hollow and sad, like nothing's quite right with the world and nothing ever will be. EMO, RIGHT? And this video kind of portrays that. Make of it what you will, you've got a brain, you've got emotions to project, they're  in there. Somewhere.

The end of the video is much like the transition on the album though, there's some hope that the little boy has crashed into some kind of good place, and thankfully Wait flows into the jolly Raconte-Moi Une Histoire (won't lie, had no idea it was called that, I just know it as 'the one with the kids and the frogs') rather than being the last track of the album and leaving you in the lurch feeling like shit forever. 

This visual treat was the last in the collaborative trilogy between M83 and directors Fleur & Manu who also directed Midnight City and Reunion. The Creator's Project also stuck their oar in.

God I want a drink.

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