Thursday, 14 April 2011


Pipe down Jessie J.

So it's taken me a while to bring myself to do this post as the bag you're about to see is di-to-the-vine but good GOD, the smug expression on this girl's face is too much to bear. Let's get her out the way first.

And now for the bag:

All pics from girlalamode

Obviously my distaste for her is just thinly veiled jealousy that a) she clearly has way more disposable income than me and b) she is in possession of a bag THAT I CANNOT FIND ANYWHERE. I need it. It reminds me of a tombstone. In a good way. Whatever, I just like it, don't make me explain, OKAY?

It's by Bracher Emden who (I'm not going to lie) aside from this beauty, have made some pretty hideous bags. And this gem is nowhere to be seen on the world wide web. So if you find one, holla. Better still, buy it for me.*

*Pay you back never.

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