Monday, 18 April 2011


The mention of Linda McCartney in my day-to-day life usually involves some sort of vegetarian sausage sandwich e.g. "I'm gonna get some Linda's out the freezer and have a sandwich" or perhaps, "What are you having for tea? I'm having a couple of Linda's and some mash." You get the picture. Her fingers of fake meat piss all over Quorn's. SORRY, BUT IT'S TRUE.

So anyway, I often forget that she had a life before a) death and b) frozen veggie fare. She was pretty darn good at taking photos, wasn't she? I like this one. I would like to take more photos like this:

This rather summery image of her husband was taken in Jamaica in 1971. Nice. So nice it made it into the final pile of photos that Mr McCartney and his kids chose to represent their wife and mother in a new book of her photos. So if you've got a spare £45 and are the sort of person who actually buys coffee table books rather than putting them on a 'I hope I somehow get this free 'cos I sure as hell can't afford it' list then go buy it. And lend (give) me a tenner while you're at it.

Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs, 
RRP £44.99, Taschen

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