Sunday, 3 April 2011


Sadly, the pun was ready-made. I do love a good pun.

Anyway, Hare Styling is a fundraising exhibition and auction for Great Ormond Street Hospital and is the brainchild of 15 year old Angelica Van Clarke, who had a life saving operation at the hospital when she was just 2 days old. Adhering to the karmic principle, she's now raising money for two new operating theatres, which is no small feat.

Angelica (the daughter of designer Karen Welman and hairdresser Michael Van Clarke) drew a hare, reproduced it on canvas and sent copies to artists and celebs so they could express themselves and send their artwork back to be auctioned. And express themselves they did. I struggled to pick ten to go on here so make sure you go on the Hare Styling site and have a look at the rest. Here are my faves (or are they? Argh, I'm so indecisive!):

Kelly Simpkin
'Let your Hare down'

Louise Constad
'Hare of My Dog'

Manny Montenaro

Korky Paul
Jamie Lawrence

'Hare Band'

Nicola Hicks

 Angelica Van Clarke

 Princess Beatrice of York

Robin Hambro

The works will be on display at the Heartbreak gallery in Marylebone from Saturday 16th April to Sunday 8th May. Bidding for the canvases starts online on the 14th April. 

Hare today, gone tomorrow. (BOOM!)

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