Thursday, 28 April 2011


Best Royal pun thus far goes to the English Cheesecake Company (because cheesecakes are very English) for their commemorative dessert. Describing it as 'a crunchy chocolate biscuit base with an edible milk chocolate Union Jack and two beautifully initialled love hearts - surrounded with heaps of milk and dark chocolate hearts' it sounds bloody delicious. I'll take a hefty slice.

Willi-Yum and Cheese-Kate, £26, English Cheesecake Company

And whilst I love cheesecake, I do actually prefer regular cheese. Especially if it's melted onto a pizza, which is where the next pizza memorabilia (geddit?) comes in. Papa John's worked with a food artist (best job ever?) to create an edible treat featuring the nation's (current) favourite sweethearts. Don't know about you but I fancy a bite of Kate. Mostly because she looks more vegetarian than Will. Check out that veil of mushrooms. Mmmmm...

Can't buy this, no no, can't buy this.

And last but not least, the Royal Wedding Pez dispensers. Yes, they exist. Not for you though. They were auctioned off last week. For £8200. If I had that kind of money I'd have definitely snapped them up. Maybe. Probably. Probably not actually.

I'll have a Pimms tomorrow in honour of the blushing bride and balding groom. Congrats yeah?

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